Old Guy writings July 30, 2015

I have set a goal of two posts each week; this is ambitious because I have been unable to write two a year. It is the time to do it, or, forget this wish of a weblog where I dare share my words with the world;  even though there is no world of readers out there yet.

These Old Guy writings are  my answers to my most personal questions:

What am I going to do today now that work is in the past?

How can I  keep myself living in the here and now, and not ruminate  on what is gone past?

Can I share health issues without self-pity and one-upmanship?

The best for last: what is it  like to be dying?

I would like to hear from you; there are many experiences that we can choose to embrace as part of this experience of being?


Now I am complete

I had what is called a religious experience about fifteen years ago..
It is what I was searching for all those decades, poking in all those dead ends, prospecting for what treasure I did not know, until I did.
 I am complete.

Religious statement

BLOG JUNE 21, 2014

My head and soul keep forward.

because I feel that urge to share
the development and journey of this soul.
Now my life is disappearing, yet I continue attaining.
This growth and understanding of this soul, that had been faint and shallow; if I had died back then, as planned, this life would have been unsuccessful .

The good life

I was attempting to write about “the good life”, a subject of philosophy classes; then, I came across this in a J. K. Rowling novel:
I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees; all times I have enjoy’d
Greatly, have suffer’d greatly, both with those
That loved me, and alone; on shore and when
Thro’ scudding drifts the rainy Hyades
Vext the dim sea: I am become a name…

Savella plus Tramadol

I moved from Tramadol to morphine and acetaminophen, which make me pain free. I have also found how to keep from being dizzy and disoriented, just by monitoring the dose and results.

Roger Johnson Weblog


I have been on Savella for over three months now, long enough to write this informed-user opinion. I switched to Savella from Cymbalta when a fibromyalgia flare had been going along, wide-open, for over six weeks. Cymbalta had worked well for about a year, just as Lyrica had been effective for about the period It is no secret that anti-depressants often work well, then, without warning, can drop the user into a deep,dangerous well. It seems that they can stop helping f/m sufferers in the same way.

For disclosure sake I also take Buspar and Remeron which were added to augment Cymbalta, mostly for anxiety and depression.

Back to the f/m tale; the flare was going on so long and at such a high level, often being between 5 and 7 for much of the day, that the doctor at the pain clinic suggested Savella; recently approved…

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About the beyond

Hello Frank:  As I  enjoyed reading your description or how it goes with you.  However, to assume, and then write that there will be even more as we, “will travel beyond its border”, I need to put on the brakes here.  To assume what one cannot know is just wrong, and one ought to be on guard against this error.

I know that it is almost impolite to quarrel about the beyond with someone who can see the end post, but it is during these last pages of being that we call upon what we know and believe as true.  To make up a belief that there will be travel after death means that you will miss the full experience of the end, miss one of the most important events there is.

p. s.:I am new at this, if I crossed some lines of protocol please let me know.

An Elders’ Brochure

Here is perhaps the final draft of a brochure that relates to a weekly group meeting here in Chicago.
The idea for the meetings has grown in me for about a year; seeing sour old people doesn’t set right with me.


There are times when old people are unhappy, but maybe we don’t have to be.
Wouldn’t it be good to ease a worry by talking with some friendly folk?

Some of the things that makes us unhappy are:
We feel the need of forgiveness, both to give and to receive.
Health and energy are disappearing.
We don’t think quite as clearly as we once did.
Family and friendships are going away.
The things that gave us dignity are scarce.
We may want to talk about death and beyond, but are unsure about what that means.
We meet as equals.
Anyone can moderate a meeting.
Anonymity, first names only.
This is not a social club, nor a bible class.
We just have open faces and hearts.
To go from this place one step closer to where we know we ought to be.
To accept happiness in spite of …..